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Snow Day 12/13/03 – Click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture.

The view from front yard, down the street to the right.

The view from the the front yard, down the street to the left.

Front yard and front of the house.

The view from the back yard and the back porch.

Another back yard view.

The view from the back yard looking at the house.

Another back yard view.

Cal examines snow on the car.

Duncan prepares to take off.

Duncan and Mike coming down the slushy and muddy hill.

Duncan coming down the hill.

Duncan again but on a different sled.

Mike coming down on his belly.

Daring snow sledders.


Hodge Lodge Snow Demon 2003

Duncan with the Snow Demon.

Cal eating a tiny ice cream cone at McDonald's.

Cal discovers the pumpkin pie Duncan didn't finish.

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