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Jonathan Carroll www.jonathancarroll.com
The official web site of one of the best writers in fiction today.

Bernard Cornwell www.bernardcornwell.net
Action-packed historical fiction.

Philip K. Dick www.philipkdick.com
The official web site of the master of weird SF.

Barbara Hambly www.barbarahambly.com
I don't think she's written anything I haven't liked. Well, I haven't read her media novels but everything else I love. If you want to see a master at handling description and setting a mood, give her work a try.

Laurell K. Hamilton www.laurellkhamilton.org
Okay, her Anita Blake books are cheesy I'll admit it but they're also loads of fun. If you like horror with a little bit of romance (and sex, okay sometimes a lot of that) thrown in, try these.

Robin Hobb www.robinhobb.com
The official web site for one of my favorite fantasy authors.

Nancy Kress www.sff.net/people/nankress/
One of my favorite "hard SF" authors.

Thomas Pynchon www.pynchon.pomona.edu
A site where you'll learn all there is to know about the author and his work.

Amy Unbounded www.amyunbounded.com
A great digest-sized comic from the pen of Rachel Hartman. Buy these and you will be thoroughly entertained.

Colonia Press Home Page www.coloniapress.com
Home page for a wonderful new series from Jeff Nicholson, Colonia.

Comic Book Resources www.comicbookresources.com
A comics portal site with columnists, news and links.

Digital Webbing www.digitalwebbing.com
A comics portal that specializes in update announcements for comic sites.

Electric Girl www.electricgirl.com
Buy this comic! It’s loads of fun.

Finder www.lightspeedpress.com
One of the best indies published today. Buy these!

Flaming Carrot/MysteryMen www.flamingcarrot.com
Here you can access the wonderful, wacky world of Bob Burden.

House of Vertigo vertigo.vurt.net
The home for the Vertigo mailing list. It’s also an excellent resource for current and past Vertigo titles.

Master List of Comic Book Stores, The www.the-master-list.com 
An on-line searchable database of brick-and-mortar comic shops around the world.

Nowhere Girl www.nowheregirl.com
An incredibly well done on-line comic.

Strangers in Paradise www.strangersinparadise.com
I’ve been reading this series since the mini from Antarctic Press and Katchoo and Francine’s soap opera lives still hold my attention.

The Ultimate Hellblazer Index www.qusoor.com/hellblazer
John Goodrich’s site dedicated to cataloging every appearance by the DC Comics (Vertigo) character, John Constantine both in his own title (Hellblazer) and others.

Wahoo Morris www.wahoomorris.com
If you like character based drama with a supernatural twist give this series a try.

Bis www.bisnation.com
Pop music so good it'll make you cry.

Lucinda Williams www.lucindawilliams.com
A great singer-songwriter. Buy her albums!

Sarah McLachlan www.sarahmclachlan.com

Ultimate Band List, The www.ubl.com
The resource if you're searching for information on bands and singers.

The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 www.midwinter.com/lurk/lurker.html
The ultimate source for all things Babylon 5.

Stargate www.stargate-sg1.com
The official web site for the Showtime television series based on the Stargate movie. I know the movie creators hate what they've done with the show but I love it. They made a mediocre SF movie into an entertaining SF t.v. series.

Amateur Press Association Net Ring gothikapa.tripod.com/apawebring.htm
While making the Gothik APA site I came across quite a few APAs with web sites, hence the APA Net Ring. This site used to be affiliated with Webring but since Yahoo! purchased Webring I've moved to another ring provider—RingSurf.

Beyond Uber www.beyonduber.com
Yes, I admit it. I'm addicted to Uber Xena fan fiction. This site will keep you updated on when and where the newest tales have been posted.

Comic Book Reviews Net Ring www.flooby.com/cbrnetring.htm
Another RingSurf net ring! Created for sites containing comic book reviews.

Keith O’Brien www.angelfire.com/az/keith/
Former Gothik APA member and good friend. His bilingual homepage will tell you a little bit about him.

Lot 49 – Conspiracies in the Life of Mike Hodge www.flooby.com/lot49
This is Mike's site where you can read a bit about his life. Be sure to bug him about updating it. He's been really bad about that.

Many Worlds of Neal Hallford, The members.aol.com/nealiios/nealhome.htm
The home page of the original Putz. Neal Hallford is a writer and game designer. Check out his home page and learn a lot about him. Neal is not shy.

Phoenix Amateur Press Association www.phoenixapa.net
Well, the Gothik APA is no more but we aren't totally gone. All of us Gothik members moved on over to the Phoenix APA. Due to our dwindling membership it made a lot of sense and now we've got even more to read. Woo hoo!

puckerup.com www.puckerup.com
Tristan Taormino is a goddess.

Qusoor.com www.qusoor.com
John Goodrich’s new home page!

STAR OKC www.starokc.org
Formerly known as the Star Trek Association for Revival-Oklahoma City, this club is still going strong and now focuses on all aspects of fandom (SF, Fantasy, comics, horror, anime, movies, etc.).

Toys in Babeland www.babeland.com
Fun, fun stuff here.

Vertigo Net Ring www.flooby.com/vertigoring
Both the Gothik and the Ultimate Hellblazer Index sites spurred me on to create this ring. There is a DC Comics web ring but I knew there were enough non-Sandman Vertigo sites out there to make this a ring that could gain members. This site used to be affiliated with Webring but since Yahoo! purchased Webring I've moved to another ring provider—RingSurf.

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