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Episode #23 of "the man on the street wants to know!" What is this Flaming Carrot? "Hey!...who is this guy anyway?!

Having read 5,000 comics in a single sitting to win a bet....this poor man suffered brain damage and appeared directly there after as---The Flaming Carrot! Champion of Justice!...Master of Adventure!...Dreadnought of Chicanery!

From high atop the battered ramparts of truth and freedom...he took arms against the wicked teeming minions of infamy, reprobation, crime, subversion and wanton incontinence!

While not a master of intellect, the blatantly obvious things we often take for granted never escape his keen eye! Flaming Carrot pointing: "Horse."

Simple, candid, crazed and madcap (quintissentially retarded) our hero fights on with a pluck and a spirit that is totally American to the core!!!

A vicious firebrand of law and order, his foaming wrath is mighty! Yet his heart flows over with warmth and human kindness to all the good and honest people! Flaming Carrot helping an injured man: "You're hurt pretty bad, mister...have some Wheaties!

Indomitable, intrepid, undaunted...he rises boldly from all defeat, disgrace and disaster...(eve with blood coming out) to soundly throttle the curs, brigands and balderdashers of today's thin world! He's your kind of hero!

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