Yeah! #1–4 (of 4)
[DC/Homage Comics $2.95 US $4.50 CAN]
Written by Peter Bagge / Illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez
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Yeah! #1Krazy (guitar), Honey (drums) and Woo-woo (keyboards) are Yeah! the most famous band you’ve never heard of. Why? Their manager, Crusty, has a penchant for getting them intergalactic gigs. This at a time when interstellar travel on Earth is unheard of. Sound odd? Well, Yeah! is a series full of strange tidbits that never seem to cause anyone to even bat an eye.

The story in these four issues was loosely connected enough that you could pick up any one at random and not be lost. Issues one through three follow the girls as they bemoan the fact that they never make money they can use on Earth from their gigs. When Crusty does get them a plat date on Earth it’s for a High School battle of the bands contest or backing up former bandmate, Miss Hellraiser (aka Michelle Hernandez). There’s also a running sub-plot about an alien fan who runs away from home to be near Krazy on Earth.

Issue four is an origin issue and flashes back to when the girls met and formed their band in High School. Yeah! won’t be for everyone. The stproes were played for laughs and reminded me of what a modern day Josie & the Pussycats comic might be like. In fact, Yeah! would fit right in as a ‘toon on Cartoon Network. It’s got that Power Puff Girls/Johnny Bravo/Cow & Chicken wacky sensibility.

I don’t know if sales will keep Yeah! going as a series but if you’re looking for a fun, all ages comic that would definitely appeal to girls give it a try.

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