Writhe and Shine Preview Ashcan
[Uber $2.00 US Digest-sized B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Robert Tritthardt
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Writhe and Shine PreviewThis digest-sized ashcan is an eight-page preview of a 24-page comic that should be released this month (November). It takes place in the New Orleans Goth club scene where Writhe is a new and popular DJ at the Bastille. His pal, Shine, used to date the previous Bastille DJ, Demona who is not happy about losing her job to Writhe.

Eight pages aren’t enough to judge an entire issue but you can get an idea of what to expect. Robert Tritthardt’s art is highly stylized and perfectly suited to the Goth tone of the book.

Where the preview falls down is in the writing. One word balloon is filled with a huge chunk of exposition that stalled the flow of the story drastically. Important background information is imparted but none of it was so terribly important that it couldn’t have been doled out over the course of several issues. A page later he has a scene between Shine and Demona that brings out their past in a manner better suited to good storytelling.

You might have trouble finding this in your local comic shop so contact Robert Tritthardt, 828 Royal Street, PMB #247, New Orleans, LA 70116 or visit the Writhe and Shine web site at www.writheandshine.com for more information about the full-sized issue.