The Wiggly Reader #3
[Fontanelle Press $2.95 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by John Kerschbaum
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The Wiggly Reader #3The Wiggly Reader is a strangely surreal collection of strips from the mind and pen of John Kerschbaum. They range from a vignette about a cat named Puss and a dog named Petey, both with human heads who go for a walk, end up at their favorite bar and help the bartender bury a body to the story of a woman who discovers that a gigantic lawn beetle has been disguising himself as her husband. Not having seen The Wiggly Reader #1 and #2 I’m only guessing when I say that some of these strips read as if they may be continuing stories.

While comics like this aren’t really my cup of tea Kerschbaum’s cartooning style is engaging and fits the subject of his strips perfectly. Fans of cartoonists such as Carol Lay or Matt Groening would do well to check out The Wiggly Reader.

If you’d like to track down this issue (and the preceding two issues) and can’t find them at your local comic shop, write to Fontanelle Press, P.O. Box 15, Corona, NY 11368. Issues are $2.95 each and include $1 for each book to cover shipping and handling. Make checks payable to J. Kerschbaum. You can also visit the Fontanelle Press web site at