Wahoo Morris #2
[Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics B&W $2.75 US $3.75 CAN]
Written & Illustrated by Craig A. Taillefer
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Wahoo Morris #2I reviewed Wahoo Morris #1 in the last CF installment and since I really, really like this comic I’m reviewing issue #2. Buy this comic today. You won’t regret it

In issue #2 we get to know Sebastien a little better. Not only is this guy in a band (Wahoo Morris), he inks bad girl comics and works as a stocker in a grocery store. Poor Sebastien still has the hots for Alicia (the lead singer of the band) and she’s still got some wacky secrets that seem to keep her from returning his interest. The band also has a live interview at a radio station where we are treated to their musical influences and former bands. And, finally, the mystery about Alicia deepens. There’s some creepy stuff going on here, folks. And she looks so innocent.

I cannot wait for the next issue of Wahoo Morris which is a pretty good sign that I’m hooked as a reader. As for Craig Taillefer’s artwork, it’s still fantastic. If you like well-written and well-drawn comics then Wahoo Morris is definitely for you.

Your local shop should be stocking this title but if they’re not write Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics, Merivale Postal Outlet, P.O. Box 65023, Nepean, Ontario Canada, K2G-5Y3. E-Mail: craig@wahoomorris.com and web site: www.wahoomorris.com.