Wahoo Morris #1
[Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics $2.75 US $3.75 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Craig A. Taillefer
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Wahoo Morris #1I read about this comic in Previews and it sounded good and the small art sample looked nice but I still didn’t put it on my order form for the month. But since my comic shop guy is a prince among men he ordered a few issues for the shelves and I picked it up anyway. I wasn’t disappointed.

The story follows the members of a rock band, Wahoo Morris: Sebastien "Bash" McElroy on guitar and vocals, Arnie Ginsberg on drums and vocals, Chas Underwood on Bass and vocals, and Alicia Baird on vocals and guitar. The first issue deals with Sebastien’s crush on Alicia (also the band’s lead singer). And you also find out that there’s a lot more to Alicia than meets the eye. The tagline for this series, "Do you believe in magic?" seems to be a big hint.

Wahoo Morris #1 has a lot going for it—wonderful art (this guy can do facial expressions and just about everything else), interesting characters, and a story with just enough little mysteries that make you want more. Buy this issue now.

Wahoo Morris #1 is published by Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics, Merivale Postal Outlet, P.O. Box 65023, Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2G-5Y3. E-Mail craig@wahoomorris.com. Web address: www.wahoomorris.com.