Vertigo Winter’s Edge III
[DC/Vertigo $6.95 US $10.95 CAN]
Written & Illustrated by Various
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Vertigo Winter's Ege IIIThis 80 page installment of Vertigo Winter’s Edge was crammed with stories. Gaiman and Zulli give us a short tale of Desire; Azzarello & Russo of 100 Bullets pen "Silencer Night"; Caitlin R. Kiernan and Shawn McManus present a tale told by Eve about previous ravens in The Dreaming. Stand-outs among the current title stories were: "Another Bloody Christmas" written & illustrated by Dave Gibbons wherein John Constantine has to defeat an angry, ancient Bubonic plague victim. And Ellis and Robertson unleash Spider Jerusalem’s virulent cynicism in "Next Winters."

The final stories in this anthology introduce us to upcoming Vertigo series. The Great Satan’s "Minor Characters" written by Jamie Delano and illustrated by Goran Sudzuka was a little too confusing but the art was nice. "The Morning After" set in Ed Brubaker and Warren Pleece’s new Deadenders series was interesting enough that I’m going to be picking up the first couple of issues. I loved Brubaker’s Scene of the Crime so I’m looking forward to reading more of his work. The new Swamp Thing series by Brian K. Vaughn, Roger Peterson and Joe Rubinstein also looks promising and gives us an older Tefe trying to understand her abilities.

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