Uncertain Stories #3
[Self-published $1.00 US B&W Digest-sized]
Written & Illustrated by Jed Dougherty
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Uncertain Stories #3I’m coming in on the tail end of a story with this issue but that really didn’t matter because it was fun anyway. The inside front cover has a nice "our story thus far" summary so I wasn’t completely lost. Basically the evil Underlord of Subterranea has kidnapped Olaf, a member of the plumber’s guild, and Dulcey, his able helper, to get the secrets of plumbing out of them. Karla, Dulcey’s girlfriend, has gone looking for him and ended up in Subterranea also.

The art in this digest-sized comic is really, really nice—better than a lot of people putting out full-size comics today. About the only complaint I have is since a few of the panels are reduced so small, less use of heavy blacks on the inking would be easier on the eyes.

Not only does Jed Dougherty have drawing talent, he can write too. The scripting was fresh and funny with even the Underlord making me chuckle. I’m definitely going to send off for the other issues in this series. Highly recommended.

Uncertain Stories #1-3 (and maybe more) are available for $1 each from Jed Dougherty, 535 NE 80th Street, Seattle, WA 98115. Also available from Jed: Useless Comics #7-11 and Useless Compilations #1 & 2.