The Trenchcoat Brigade #1, 2 (of 4)
[Vertigo $2.50 US $3.95 CAN]
Written by John Ney Rieber / Art by John Ridgway
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The Trenchcoat Brigade #1Issue one opens with an ancestor of John Constantine’s, Pytor Konstantin, ranting about demons eating everyone on Earth. Then we move into Mister E’s strange little world and he’s hunting down Russian emigrants looking for one with green eyes so he can drive a stake through his heart. Constantine, sitting in a bar (where else!) overhears a story on the news about this mysterious "serial killer" and realizes it’s none other than Mister E. He then proceeds to contact Dr. Occult and the Phantom Stranger. Once they track E down they discover that he’s been having visions of the end of the world and the cause is a Russian. Travel to the future ensues where they meet up with a very drunk, very dangerous and green eyed Pytor Konstantin.

In the second issue Pytor convinces them to take him to the past where all of this world ending stuff began. He promises to stop it from happening. Suffice it to say, it’s not always wise to trust a Constantine no matter how they spell their name.

I can’t say I know what the hell is going on in this story but it’s certainly been fun finding out. John Ney Rieber formerly of Books of Magic has long been one of my favorite writers and John Ridgway, veteran Hellblazer artist, does his usual excellent job on the art.

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