The Travelers #6, 7
[Kenzer & Company $2.95 US $4.50 CAN B&W]
Written by Tony DiGerolamo / Penciled by Brian Dawson / Inked by  Brendon & Brian Fraim
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The Travelers #6These issues abound with more hijinks for our merry band from Beastleyville but we also get insight into two of the main character’s backgrounds.

Father Shambles gets the origin treatment in issue six’s “Father Shambles: Master Thief.” Archimedes Shambles didn’t start out as an alcoholic priest of questionable morality. In his younger days, Shambles (aka Arc the Shark) was a spit and polish thief of questionable morality operating as part of the New Amsterdam Thieves Guild. Shambles and his gang operated like a well-oiled machine until a beautiful but erratic thief named Katrina joined them.

In issue seven’s “The Last Merry Man Standing,” DiGerolamo delves into Sir Dan’s past. It turns out Dan was responsible for Robin the Hood’s success and a few, disgruntled ex-Merry Men want to settle the score. To make things even more hectic for Dan, Barbara, barbarian extraordinaire and Dan’s girlfriend, discovers him making it with the beautiful Elvin liquor wholesaler. After Barbara boots him out of their Tavern, the Dock & Swig, Dan has to scramble for a place to hole up until his former Merry Men team mates give up looking for him.

Of the two issues I enjoyed Father Shambles tale more. Both are full of the goofy fun that makes The Travelers such a fun read but issue seven ended too abruptly. I wouldn’t have minded seeing that story continue to another issue. I can understand the reasoning behind done-in-one issues especially considering the fact that The Travelers is trying to build an audience at a new publisher but I’m ready for a multi-arc storyline.

The art by Brian Dawson and the Fraim Brothers is top-notch. The Fraim brothers’ inking is the perfect complement to Dawson’s rubbery-faced characters and slapstick panel compositions giving them a bolder more defined look.

The Travelers is perfectly suited to the humor fantasy titles at Kenzer & Company. If you’re a fan of tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure, do yourself a favor and give this series a try.

This series is now being published by the same company that publishes Knights of the Dinner Table so you should have some luck finding it locally. If not, write to Kenzer & Company, Mail Order Fulfillments, 830 West Main Street, PMB114, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 or visit The Travelers web site at You can visit the Kenzer & Company web site at