The Travelers #5
[Kenzer & Company $2.95 US $4.50 CAN B&W]
Written by Tony DiGerolam / Penciled by Brian Dawson / Inked by Brendon & Brian Fraim
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The Travelers #5The latest installment of The Travelers, entitled “Return of the Armoroids,” brings our band face-to-face with a threat that still haunts Sgt. Tariff Staff. When King Rudolfo was still Prince Rudolfo, Tariff’s father, Woodward, was the King’s Champion. Woodward bravely lost his life to an evil dragon while he and the Prince were defending a castle against Orcs. His father’s death still haunts Sgt. T.S. and, as a result, he sometimes gets the urge to hunt dragons.

Barbara, Locust the Wizard, Father Shambles, Dan and Cubby, now calling themselves the Stupendous Constables, set out to find Sgt. T.S. at the request of his fiancée, Princess Chastity. Along the way they come upon the ruins of a once great city that had been protected by giant, armor plated robots created by a dwarven wizard. They protected the city for hundreds of years until the knowledge of how to repair them died with the wizard. Mayhem ensues when our group meets Sgt. T.S. who is busy battling what look to be armored giants.

The Fraim brothers (The Jersey Devil) ink Brian Dawson’s pencils this issue and the result is a bolder look to the art. Don’t get me wrong, I like Brian Dawson’s inks as well but the Fraim brothers are excellent at what they do and when you’re a good inker you only make the pencils look better.

The only weak thing about this issue was the cover. Usually Kevin Daily does a great job on the covers but this issue it looks like he played around with some computer coloring and backgrounds and the effect was muddy and dark. Comic covers should be striking enough to catch your eye and this cover doesn’t. But you know if that’s the worst thing someone can say about your comic you’re doing pretty darn good.

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