The Travelers #3
[South Jersey Rebellion Productions $2.25 US $3.25 CAN 1.85 UK B&W]
Written by Tony DiGerolamo / Pencilled by Brian S. Dawson / Inked by Kevin Daily
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In "Barbarian Real Estate Blues" we find our crew heading off to claim Barbara the Barbarian’s inheritance of a run-down, haunted castle. Barbara’s manager from her gladiator days, King Don, who also bilked her out of earnings two years earlier has passed away and left Barbara his castle. It turns out this is a godsend because Barbara lost all of the money Dan had set aside to pay the yearly tax on his bar. Everyone is hoping to find something worth selling at the castle to make up for the shortage in funds.

I enjoyed this issue of The Travelers as much as I enjoyed the last one. Tony DiGerolamo knows how to pen a hilarious story filled with engaging characters. Brian S. Dawson and Kevin Daily’s artwork captures the mood of the story and the quirkiness of the characters perfectly. It was especially nice to see the pencils being inked by just one person.

After reviewing The Travelers #2 last CF I ordered issue #3 from my retailer and sent away for issue #1 and the #0 digest-sized comic. I’m now officially hooked and will be getting this comic for the foreseeable future.

Check your local shop first but if you can’t find this series there write to South Jersey Rebellion Productions, P.O. Box 439, Stratford, NJ 08084 or visit their web site at