The Travelers #2
[South Jersey Rebellion Productions B&W $2.25 US $3.25 CAN]
Written by Tony DiGerolamo / Pencilled by Brian Dawson
Inked by Brian Dawson, Brian & Brendon Fraim, Dan Galagher & Carmen Imperato

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The Travelers #2If you like your fantasy sprinkled with a healthy dose of comedy then The Travelers is for you. This issue’s story is done-in-one and concerns the Royal Wizard, Locust, and his forced participation in the Wizard Olympics. You’d think since he was a Royal Wizard he wouldn’t have anything to fear. But not is all as it seems with Locust. He received his Royal Wizard job thanks to a little fudging at the Beastleyville licensing bureau because Locust is certainly not a Wizard anyone would pick for a permanent post be it Royal or otherwise. Now it’s not that Locust is a bad guy, he’s just not a very good Wizard. His spells have an annoying habit of going awry at the worst possible moment.

To further complicate matters Locust has been maneuvered into his current position by a fiendish villain and fellow wizard named Tibernius. He and an evil demon from the 18th Pit of Hell have set out to kill the King and Queen, install Princess Chastity in their place and have Tibernius made the new Royal Wizard. All part of their devilish plan to usurp the power of the throne for themselves.

As you’ve probably surmised from the title, Locust isn’t the only wacky denizen of this world. He is aided and abetted by an equally wacky cast of characters: Barbara, a scantily clad barbarian woman who wears a horned helmet; Dan, the good-looking fighter; Sgt. T.S. the mightily muscled Captain of King Rudolfo’s Guard; and a curmudgeonly drunken priest who goes by the name of Shambles.

The comedy in this issue is extremely well done and each character is given its own distinctive voice. So many times writers don’t pay much attention to that in a comic but Tony Digerolamo has done a wonderful job fleshing these characters out even in the course of one issue. The story itself is well paced and chock full of chuckles.

The artwork in The Travelers is splendid but I did have one complaint. This issue had a lot of inkers and while they are all very good inkers the style changed drastically a couple of times and that was a little distracting. But even with that one small complaint The Travelers displays a level of comic storytelling skill that many "big three" artists would do well to emulate. The artwork was clean, the characters actually used facial expressions and the story from panel to panel was very clear.

The third issue of The Travelers will be out in April ‘99. Issues #1, 2 ($2.25 each) and a special #0 20 page ashcan ($1.50) can be had through: South Jersey Rebellion Productions, P.O. Box 439, Stratford, NJ 08084. Add $1 shipping for every two comics ordered. Let them know if you want your comics signed and they’ll do it free of charge. You can also visit the SJRP web site at