The Fix #1
[South Jersey Rebellion Productions $2.50 US $3.55 CAN £1.65 UK B&W]
Written by Tony DiGerolamo / Illustrated by Brian & Brendon Fraim
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The Fix #1Tony DiGerolamo is at it again with another wacky concept. This time he’s taking a character from his novel, Fix in Overtime (Padwolf Publishing) and creating all new stories in comic form. Fix is Mark Mammon, an obnoxious twenty-something who earns his living as a private detective. Nothing glamorous, just your basic spy-on-my-spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend-to-see-if- they’re-cheating-on-me jobs.

As we see this issue Fix also has a talent for getting into odd situations. While getting gas for his ‘85 Nippon, Fix is attacked by a vampire but a mysterious “blonde hottie” jumps in to stake the vamp and save the day. His car ends up housing the spirit/demon of the vampire the “buff” chick offed. This gives the car an uncanny ability to heal itself and a penchant to suck the oil out of other cars.

After several schemes to make money with the vampire car, Fix realizes his possessed vehicle is out to take over the world by making other vampire cars—”once its army of autos was complete, it’ll order them to spew enough exhaust to blot out the sun forever.” So Fix and his pal, Sven, a mohawk wearing ex-Norse god who now lives in New Jersey set out to destroy his car.

This issue was a done-in-one story but it could have been drawn out to two issues easily. As it is you are on the go the entire issue which, if you’re into a lot of action in your comics, is great. I like character development as well and while we’re introduced to a lot of characters we don’t get to know too much about them.

I also had a problem with the way Fix figured out his evil car’s plan. Possibly the novel explains it but the magic potion he drank (called “the stuff”) that gave him visions of the past, present and future came out of nowhere. It smacked way too much of a hokey deus ex machina plot device and DiGerolamo is a better writer than that.

The artwork by the Fraim Brothers (The Waiting Place, The Travelers) is beautiful. I love their clean line work and they don’t go in for wacky panel placement. You can always follow a Fraim Brothers story without getting lost.

Tony DiGerolamo is a master at making such goofy concepts believable and fun. Fix may be obnoxious but you end up liking the guy. I would have preferred a little more character development of the second-tier characters but I do realize when you’re writing an action/humor comic that’s not always going to be the focus.

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