Where’s It At Sugar Kat? #1 (of 3)
[Slave Labor Graphics $2.95 US B&W]
Written by Ian Carney / Illustrated by Woodrow Phoenix
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Where's It At Sugar Kat #1This three issue mini-series follows the exploits of Sugar and Rebecca Kat, sisters and co-owners of the Kat and Kat Detective Agency. Rebecca is “the brains of the pair.” Sugar is a super model and “the most popular girl in the world.”

The story begins with Rebecca hearing from her long time pen pal, Mimi, a world-renowned soup chef. Mimi abandoned her high-profile lifestyle and used her money to open up a soup kitchen for the homeless in Bumrush, Pennsylvania. She needs the Kat and Kat Detective Agency to discover why the homeless people who used to frequent her soup kitchen have been disappearing. This mystery looks to be right up the Kat and Kat Detective Agency’s alley because they specialize in mysteries with a supernatural bent.

This mini series is a spin-off of another Slave Labor Graphics series, Sugarbuzz. I’ve never read Sugarbuzz but that didn’t matter a bit when it came to following the story in Where’s It At Sugar Kat? #1. The characters are quirky and endearing. Rebecca is the focal point character so you’re treated to her insecurities about being the sister of Sugar. You also see Sugar through her eyes until the end of the issue. Sugar may appear to be nothing more than a beautiful airhead but she has resources her sister evidently doesn’t appreciate.

Much like Andi Watson’s (Skeleton Key, Geisha) ability to wring a lot out of a few lines, Woodrow Phoenix’s art is simple yet expressive. Phoenix conveys the action with a style that’s very hip and full of energy.

If you’d like to give this issue a try but can’t find it at your local comic store, write to: Slave Labor Graphics, 848 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 or visit their web site at www.slavelabor.com.