Strange Weather Lately Sampler
Written, drawn & painted by Metaphrog
Click Here For A Sample Page

Strange Weather Lately SamplerThe cover of this sampler says Strange Weather Lately is about “the surreal yet unnervingly real world of Martin Nitram.” Surreal it definitely was. The first couple of pages deal with a guy getting really drunk. He leaves the bar to head home in his car but is attacked by some young toughs who steal his keys. The drunk guy is stumbling around and the kids get in the car which promptly blows up. The next page has the guy at home in bed waking up to the alarm clock and the memory of his car exploding. He gets dressed, heads out the door to a ringing payphone where he proceeds to have a conversation with a friend about his car blowing up and someone trying to kill him. The next few pages seem to be focusing on Martin Nitram as he is shrunk and then chased by an annoying fly. Again, surreal is a good word to describe it.

I’d have to see an entire issue or three before I could decide if this series was for me or not but the b&w artwork was well done so if you’re into this kind of comic you might track them down.

Check your local comic shop first but you’ll probably need to get in touch with the publisher at Metaphrog, 34 Springhill Gardens, Shawlands, Glasgow G41 2EY, Scotland, UK. Or visit the web site at