The Sandman Presents Lucifer #1 (of 3)
[Vertigo $2.95 US $4.75 CAN]
Written by Mike Carey / Illustrated by Scott Hampton
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The Sandman Presents Lucifer #1I picked this up on a whim because it was a light week and I was familiar with the character from Sandman. The story, entitled "The Morningstar Option" opens with Lucifer being sought out in his club, Lux, by Amenadiel, an angel. It seems there’s a new power at work on Earth and its granting wishes. It’s also growing. Since "heaven wishes neither to intervene directly in this nor to stand by and let it happen" Lucifer Morningstar is asked to look into the matter.

Lucifer eventually tracks down Paul Begai, a young man trapped in his unresponsive body by Rett Syndrome. Lucifer has discovered from Briadach the Blind that "the power lingers around winds over and through him." Once Lucifer arrives there Paul Begai is dead but only after having his wish granted, the ability to move and talk. It was negated by his sister wishing him dead. But the exchange of power between the brother and sister has led Lucifer to a discovery of what the power is and where he must go next—back to Hell.

The painted art by Scott Hampton is, no surprise here, top notch. The story by Mike Carey is good enough that I’ll definitely be picking up the other two.

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