BTVS: Spike and Dru
[Dark Horse Comics $2.95 US $4.50 CAN]
Written by James Marsters & Christopher Golden / Illustrated by Ryan Souk
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BTVS: Spike and DruIn "Paint the Town Red" James Marsters (aka Spike) and Christopher Golden have given Buffy comic fans the best Buffy-verse story to date. The tale begins with Spike and Drusilla laying low in the small Italian fishing village of Cicagne some time after the brouhaha with Angel and his restored demon "soul." After a nasty fight with Drusilla, Spike departs and sets up shop as dark lord of the Turkish village of Saru. Dru soon shows up with a nasty dead necromancer named Koines. unfortunately Koines has plans of his own for our two undead lovers and they end up having to work together to rid themselves of his threat.

The tale that follows is filled with plenty of animated corpses in various stages of decomposition all lovingly rendered by Ryan Souk. His moody and heavily shadowed style (a la Mignola) fits the horror-filled world of Buffy perfectly. I’d love to see him on the ongoing Buffy comic as the regular artist.

James Marsters and Christopher Golden capture the voices of Spike and Drusilla perfectly. No surprise there with "Spike" teaming up with a novelist who already has quite a few Buffy original novels under his belt. This story was rollicking good fun and I hope the two team up for more Buffy comics in the future.

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