Snack Bar #1
[Big Town Comics $2.95 US $3.95 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Marc Bilgrey
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Snack Bar #1Snack Bar falls into the collection of comic strips type of comic book. Sometimes I enjoy comics of this type (Too Much Coffee Man, Dork) but too often they donít do much for me.

The one and two page strips in Snack Bar were amusing. Marc Bilgrey has his own simple, clean style. Since I donít know enough about this genre of comic I couldnít tell you whose work his resembles (if anyone). It reminds me of the style of comic strip youíd see in the Village Voice or your local alternative newspaper. The humor in them isnít so much gut busting funny, as it is dryly amusing. You donít read these and burst out laughing, you just smile a bit and move on. I did get a giggle out of one strip entitled ďOtto the Obsessive Compulsive in Museum MischiefĒ but the majority of the strips were simply okay.

Not much of an endorsement I know but keep in mind that these kinds of comics generally arenít my thing. If you do enjoy comics of this type then give Snack Bar a try.

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