Slightly Bent Comics #2 (of 2)
[Slightly Bent Entertainment $3.00 US B&W]
Written Walt Jaschek & Illustrated by Various
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Slightly Bent Comics #2The second issue of this humor anthology title is just as skillfully done as the first (reviewed last installment). Jaschek’s delivery of verbal and sight gags is spot on and the artwork, once again, is very professional. Stand-outs this issue were the second installment in the Dude-Guy story (art by Craig Skaggs and Bill Lux) which I liked a lot better than the first installment. Maybe because there didn’t seem to be quite as much surf speak this time around. And, no surprise, Mel Cool: Mall Cop (art by Don Secrease), was also a hoot. Both stories have their plot-lines resolved but are definitely open for more development if Jaschek and crew should decide to publish more Slightly Bent Comics.

The rest of the issue is filled out with one and two page vignettes and strips. The best of the bunch being Danger Dad (art by Darren Goodhart). The Recycled Man (art by Paul Daly) strip where Recycled Man rushes to do some good but runs into trouble when his recycled nature is taken advantage of by a thunderstorm ran a very close second.

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