Slightly Bent Comics #1 (of 2)
[Slightly Bent Entertainment B&W $3.00 US]
Written by Walt Jaschek / Illustrated by Paul Daly, Tony Patti, Jim Riley, Don Secrease, Craig Skaggs
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Slightly Bent Comics #1Slightly Bent Comics is an anthology title with all of the stories written by Walt Jashek, who has quite a flair for snappy dialogue and sight gags. If you hadn’t guessed from the title it’s a humor comic.

Within you’ll find two on-going stories: one featuring Dude Guy "Earth’s Best Pal" and another featuring Mel Cool, Mall Cop. Of the two I found the Mel Cool strip to be the funniest but probably just because I’m not much in to surfer speak humor. The 40 page issue is rounded out with some amusing strips with the stand-out being the one-page "Danger Dad." I’ve just got to get Mike one of the t-shirts.

The art in Slightly Bent Comics is by a varied but highly skilled group. No sloppy work here at all.

This was another picked up on a whim comic and while I probably won’t be getting issue 2 this issue was amusing and not a waste of my hard-earned cash.

Issue #2 should hit stores in March 1999 but until then, check ‘em out on the web at or if you’re internet challenged, write to Slightly Bent Entertainment, P.O. Box 39336, St. Louis, MO 63139. E-Mail: [The url is dead. Try this url instead and if you really want a copy of this issue e-mail them from that site and ask if they have any for sale.]