Sidekicks #1
[Fanboy Entertainment, Inc. $2.95 US B&W]
Written by J. Torres / Illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa
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Sidekicks #1Imagine a world where super-heroes must be licensed. Imagine there’s a school called Shuster Academy where teen super-heroes can attend, earn a high school diploma and then either move on to apprenticeship with an adult super-hero or join a team of Academy graduates and do some super-heroics of their own. J. Torres and Takeshi Miyazawa have created such a world within the pages of Sidekicks.

This issue, “The New Teen Titan Part 1,” introduces us to Terry Highland, a young girl who is touring Schuster Academy with her father, Dave, and who is contemplating attending the school. Terry could use the training because although she can pack a heckuva punch she definitely needs work on how best to use those punches.

J. Torres wastes no time getting us involved in the school. We’re introduced to the school’s philosophy, an interesting cast of characters (teachers and students) and a mystery to solve in the form of three rogue teen heroes (Biff, Bam & Pow) who are operating without a license. All of these elements combine into an entertaining first issue.

As for the manga style art by Takeshi Miyazawa, it’s fantastic. A while back I reviewed Slave Labor Graphic’s Love In Tights #1 anthology and Miyazawa had a short piece in it (featuring Terry) entitled “Crash Course” that was the stand out of the issue. Miyazawa doesn’t fall into the manga trap of sometimes ignoring the backgrounds in a story. He handles backgrounds and foregrounds just fine and his playful style adds to the story.

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