Racer X #2 (of 3)
[Wildstorm/DC Comics $2.95 US $4.50 CAN]
Written by Tommy Yune / Illustrated by Jo Chen
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Racer X #2Rex Racer’s saga continues in “The Protégé” and we discover why Rex was brought to Kapetapek, namely to race Prince Kabala who has something of a death wish. We also learn more about the political situation of Kapetapek. The island nation is stable but a radical group known as the Khmer Noir is looking to add Kapetapek to its list of conquered lands. To make things even soapier (in a good way) romance is brewing between Rex and Princess Sylvana, the sister of Prince Kabala.

Once again Tommy Yune has crafted an entertaining foray into the Speed Racer mythos. Rex is a likeable character even if he is a bit too headstrong for his own good. Prince Kabala is suitably mysterious and a little menacing. Yune also knows how to pace an issue and leave you wanting more with wonderful cliffhanger endings.

Jo Chen’s artwork is as beautiful as ever. She renders stunningly beautiful women and equally handsome men. Sometimes manga style art can have a tendency to focus too much on the big picture and too little on character details. But Chen’s characters are distinctive and imbued with their own unique personalities. The storytelling style is dramatic and full of the flair one would expect from a story involving car racing and political intrigue.

I’ve enjoyed Tommy Yune’s work in the Speed Racer universe so much I’d like to see what he could do with characters of his own creation.

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