Racer X #1 (of 3)
[Wildstorm/DC Comics $2.95 US $4.50 CAN]

Written by Tommy Yune / Illustrated by Jo Chen
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Racer X #1Tommy Yune is tackling the Speed Racer mythos once again with another three-issue mini-series. This time around heís handling the writing chores with Jo Chen coming aboard as the seriesí artist. I loved Yuneís art on the Speed Racer mini-series and I was pleasantly surprised that Jo Chenís art was just as good.

Yuneís tale delves into the origin of Racer X aka Rex Racer (Speedís older brother). Rex Racer is a talented but cocky young man who heads down a solo career path after he recklessly commandeers Pops Racerís experimental Mach 1 racing car and nearly kills himself driving it during the Sunny Downs Grand Prix. A year after leaving Team Racer, Rexís prediction that heíll ďbecome world champion on [his] ownĒ hasnít come true and things are looking grim until he is summoned to the kingdom of Kapetapek by the mysterious Prince Kabala.

Chenís manga art style is as cinematic as Yuneís was on the Speed Racer mini-series. As with most manga, the only down side is how quickly the story can move. Racer X is, at heart an American comic, so dialogue isnít thrown completely out the window but a large chunk of the story is told through actions, which can make the read a trifle quick. The character designs for Racer X are leaner and less cartoony. I was particularly impressed by Chenís ability to draw clothing. Too often clothes can look painted on or stiff but Chenís flow and lay just like real clothing.

Yune has a solid grasp of how to pace a story and this issue ends with a bombshell. Iím looking forward to the next couple of issues

If you canít find this on your local comic storeís shelves ask them to reorder. Itís worth the wait. Barring that you can visit the DC Comics web site (www.dccomics.com) or the Wildstorm web site at www.dccomics.com/wildstorm/index.html and bug them.