The Power Reflex Preview
[Colburn Comics]
Written & Illustrated by Kirk Abrigo
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The Power Reflex PreviewNot much to go on here considering it’s only a 6 page preview. Basically, this New York City private investigator sees an alien craft crash land a few miles outside of the city. He goes to investigate and these mean looking humanoid-alien guys come out of the ship. End of preview.

The comic is in full color but it’s very dark. To their credit, it is explained in the accompanying letter that this is due to paper differences and the first issue won’t be as dark. Other than that the artwork is pretty standard amateurish super-hero stuff. The anatomy and facial expressions need work. But more thought than usual has been given to backgrounds in that there are some and they don’t look half bad.

Also from the enclosed letter it seems they’re distributing this puppy themselves. Good luck in that endeavor but in these lean times I would be surprised if many retailers stocked this title.

The Power Reflex is published by Colburn Comics, 1112 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 11213. Phone/FAX: (718) 735-1525. They now have a web site ( but donít seem to be publishing The Power Reflex any more.