Petey & Pussy #1
[Fontanelle Press $2.50 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by John Kerschbaum
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Petey & Pussy #1John Kerschbaum, writer/artist of The Wiggly Reader is back with his particular brand of surreal and hilariously sick humor. This time he’s showcasing Petey (a dog) and Pussy (a cat), two cynical, hard-drinking and foul-mouthed pets. The pets in Kerschbaum’s world also have human heads, which makes them susceptible to all manner of human mannerisms and vices. Both have a penchant for booze and cigars and one notable scene has Petey glomming on to a discarded cigar that has landed in a huge pile of poop. Sounds gross but the conversation between the two about it was inspired.

I’ve only read one issue of The Wiggly Reader and the Petey & Pussy strips definitely stood out so it’s no wonder they’re being showcased. Kerschbaum’s penchant for black comedy is in full-force with Petey & Pussy as he serves up a steady stream of sick humor. Unlike his one and two page strip approach in The Wiggly Reader, Petey & Pussy has a continuing story. This one follows Petey and Pussy as they attempt to save their favorite watering hole from closing by stealing back a valuable “Himmel” figurine from the niece of Pussy’s senile owner.

Kerschbaum’s illustration style fits the dark comedy perfectly. There’s always some interesting gross bit of detail to discover in each panel. The image of balding, middle-aged male heads on the body of pets is strange but it works.

If you thought the movie Re-animator was a laugh riot, then buy this comic. The black comedy found within its pages should make you chuckle. It’s certainly one of the most unique comics you’ll find on the stands today.

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