Book the First of the Celebrated Trickster Pau-Henoa &
The Log Baby (Book the Second of the Celebrated Trickster Pau-Henoa)

[Pughouse Press 50 US]
Written & Drawn by Rachel Hartman
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Book the First of the Celebrated Trickster Pau-HenoaNot much of a surprise when I say that I really enjoyed these two mini-comics. Weighing in at a mere 12 pages each they still carry enough entertainment value to put many full-size comics to shame. Both are wonderful additions to the mythology of Amy’s Goredd and well worth the price.

These were written with the famed scholar, the Dragon Lalo, and relate two tales of the Goreddi trickester Pau-Henoa. In issue #1 we get Pau-Henoa’s origin in which he is created by a witch named Erina who hears her biological clock ticking. But like all good godling creation myths, Pau-Henoa is created from a rabbit. The rest of the mini-comic goes on to relate examples of Pau-Henoa’s youthful mischief and how he came to be banished from the Fickle-fern wood and set loose upon the world.

Issue #2, entitled “The Log Baby,” has Pau-Henoa playing a trick on a poor lonely couple who so want a child they treat a common log as if it were a baby (named Piney no less).

These minis cost 50 each. Include another 50 or a couple of stamps for postage and mail it to: Rachel Hartman, Pughouse Press, 250 Wynnewood Road E-13, Wynnewood, PA 19096. And just in case you haven’t seen the light and sent away for your very own Amy Unbounded issues, there are seven to date and they cost $1.50 each plus 50 postage. You might also hit the Amy Unbounded web site where you’ll find a handy order form you can print out.