Nobody #1 (of 4)
[Oni Press B&W $2.95 US $4.15 CAN]
Written by Alex Amado & Sharon Cho / Illustrated by Charlie Adlard
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Nobody #1Another 4 issue mini-series and one that I read about in the Comics Buyer’s Guide. The story sounded good so I picked this issue up at my local shop. Right off the bat this comic starts out strong. The lead character is trying to break into a house. But first she has to magically seal the exits by drawing symbols in chalk on the outside of the house. You see, the inhabitants of the house are up to no good. They’re going to raise a demon tonight and Nobody has to stop them by completing the rest of the wards inside the house.

I don’t want to give much more of the plot away because you really should seek this comic out and watch it unfold for yourself. Questions are left unanswered but done in such a way as to make you look forward to the discovering answers. I like my horror/noir comics with a good amount of black space in the art and Charlie Adlard’s work is perfectly suited to the genre. Give Nobody a try if you’re a fan of this kind of comic.

Oni Press is putting out some quality titles so bug your local retailer about stocking more than just Clerks. But if you can’t find them locally try Oni Press, 6336 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Suite #30, Portland, OR 97202 or hit their web site at