Mojo Mechanics #2
[Syndicate Publishing $2.95 US $3.95 CAN B&W]
Written by Tait Bergstrom / Illustrated by Matt Pasteris
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Mojo Mechanics #2In "Machina Ex Deus" Ajax Sterling and Bippy the Space Hippo once again find themselves responding to a distress signal on an out-of-the way, primitive planet by the name of Primeva II. Nothing can ever be easy for our space mechanics and they end up being captured by the local natives. On the plus side, it turns out the natives were sent to get them by the computer on a Dachandran ship. The ship is in need of their expertise to replace a blown fuse so it can change location. On the downside, Dr. Livingston Cheezdoodle (intergalactic explorer and cryptoarchaeologist) who is captured with our heroes is also trying to find that Dachandran ship and loot the artifacts within. A lot of wacky close calls and one-liners are perpetrated by all. The Ajax and Bippy installment in this issue wasn’t as hilarious as the two from issue #1 but it was still entertaining.

The second story, "Monsta Mart" stars a new character, Li’l Timmy Smithers. Li’l Timmy gets a lot more than he bargained for when he wanders into the Monsta Mart in search of sauerkraut ice cream to power his comic book built ray gun. I laughed the hardest at this story. The "Queen Mother Easter Eggs" and the "There’s Always Room for JELLO BIAFRA" packages on the shelves were a hoot. Hopefully we’ll be treated to more Li’l Jimmy Smithers stories in future issues.

Bug your local comic retailer for Mojo Mechanics or if you have no luck there you can visit their web site at [The Mojo Mechanics web site no longer showcases the comic book but if you're desperate, maybe the guy at that URL now will have back issues in his basement or know where to send you.]