Mojo Mechanics #1
[Syndicate Publishing $2.95 US $3.95 CAN B&W]
Written by Tait Bergstrom / Illustrated by Matt Pasteris
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Mojo Mechanics #1Mojo Mechanics follows the adventures of Ajax Sterling and Bippy the Space Hippo, two space mechanics who have a lot of wacky adventures. In the first story, Ajax and Bippy get rid of an infestation of space roaches (very nasty critters) on a manned satellite. The second, and longer story, has the boys vacationing on New Calgoorlie where they find all of the planet’s oceans have been evaporated. The culprits are a lizard-like species, the Sithians (or "Thithianth" as they pronounce it). They’ve decided to use the local inhabitants, Calgoorlian sperm whales, as "luxury vacation homes" and since all water on the planet is dried up that certainly looks doable.

If any of the above sounds at all serious believe me, it’s not. This series is definitely played for laughs and it’s done well. The artwork fits the goofy tone of the stories perfectly and the sight gags in some of the panels are a hoot. If you like your outer space adventure in the tongue-in-cheek mode then definitely check out Mojo Mechanics.

If you can’t find this issue locally,  visit their web site at Issue #2 just came out with this week’s comics (9/1/99) so be sure to check for it at your local comic shop. [The Mojo Mechanics web site no longer showcases the comic book but if you're desperate, maybe the guy at that URL now will have back issues in his basement or know where to send you.]