Mel Cool: Mall Cop Mini-Comic Special
[Paul & Walt Entertainment $0.99 US B&W, Digest-sized]
Written by Walt Jaschek & Illustrated by Don Secrease

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Mel Cool: Mall Cop Mini-Comic SpecialI love Mel Cool. This incredibly cinematic comic had me chuckling at every page. In this issue, Mel apprehends "a combination valley girl and rebellious sociopath" who is caught red-handed swiping Massive Mall Shopping Bags. Even wackier comedy ensues when the valley girl absconds with Mel’s securi-car and he has to rescue the little ditz.

Jaschek’s script and Secrease’s pencils work perfectly together and pack laughs throughout the twelve brief pages of story. If you’re at all a fan of well-written and illustrated humor comics you owe it to yourself to check out this digest-sized comic and Slightly Bent Comics #1 and #2.

This mini came out in 1995 so you probably won’t find it in any comic shop but you can write to Slightly Bent Entertainment, P.O. Box 39336, St. Louis, MO 63139 and order your very own copy. [E-mail the guys at the web site before trying the address above because this is an old review.] You can read this mini on their web site at