Madman/Jam #1-2 (of 2)
[Dark Horse Comics $2.95 US $4.15 CAN]
Written & Drawn by Mike Allred & Bernie Mireault
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Madman/Jam #2Let me start by saying that I wish Michael Allred would put out another issue of the regular, ongoing Madman series. Okay, okay, he did Madman/Superman Hullabaloo and now Madman/Jam but I want solo Madman. Just one or two issues and then I’ll be good to go for another year or two. Enough griping. Now on to the review.

Madman/Jam was done in conjunction with Bernie Mireault, creator of The Jam. I’ve got a few issues of The Jam because Wayne Bertsch (esteemed founder of this APA) recommended it. Sad to say, The Jam and I never really clicked so I gave up on the series.

This team-up has Madman heading to Montréal, Québec, Canada because of a dream. While he’s wandering the streets trying to find the address in his dream and not having any luck because he doesn’t speak French he runs into Gordie Kirby aka The Jammer. Gordie notices Madman right away because he too seems to like to dress up in a spiffy super-hero outfit and parade around in it in broad daylight. You see, Gordie doesn’t have any powers to speak of but he likes to put on his jogging suit and home made mask every once in a while and help people as The Jammer.

To make a long story short, the two discover a strange building that leads them to a weird dimension that ends up being the home of M.C. Escher. Now, Escher’s wife is the one who has been sending out the distress call because her not-so-nice brother has imprisoned ol’ M.C. and her. They must free Escher so he can release her from the magics of her brother (who is now a dragon btw). Very weird, very surreal and very Escheresque.

If you’re a fan of Allred or Mireault pick this up. It’s worth the price because you get a nice dose of both characters. No shortchanging one for the other as in Painkiller Jane/Hellboy. The artwork is a nice blend of their styles and the coloring is done by the always excellent, Laura Allred.

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