Little White Mouse #1, 2
[Caliber Comics B&W $2.95 US $4.10 CAN]
Written & Illustrated by Paul Sizer
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Little White Mouse #2Little White Mouse came out about a year ago from Caliber as a four issue mini-series and I also picked those up. The current incarnation of LWM is an ongoing series and I hope Paul Sizer has the sales to keep the series going because I really like his work.

Little White Mouse tells the story of Loo, a sixteen year old girl who is stranded on a remote automated mining satellite. She and her sister, P’heng were travelling to the Galactic Science Academy when their ship is destroyed and the escape pod Loo and P’heng are in is sent into deep space. The pod crashes on the mining satellite, killing P’heng and leaving Loo to survive and hopefully find a way to get home. She’s also trying to build a robot body for her sister’s consciousness if it still survives within "their ship’s still functioning virtual cyberspace hard drives." Whew!

These two issues pick up where the mini-series leaves off but they’re still great jumping on points for new readers. In each issue you’re not only introduced to Loo but to her robot companions (Boris and Dieter); her family through flashback sequences and real-time sub plots as they begin the search for Loo and P’heng; and Pascal a handsome young "ghost" residing in the mining satellite.

Sizer’s artwork is clean and strong on story-telling. He’s also as adept at rendering the hardware as he is drawing the human characters. You will get a very real sense of this futuristic world and deserted mining station where Loo resides. Little White Mouse should be on the sub list of any fan of well-written SF comics.

If you can’t find this series (or the mini-series) locally contact Caliber Comics at 225 North Sheldon Road, Plymouth, MI 48170. You can also visit the Caliber Comics web site at or e-mail them at Paul Sizer also has a LWM web site that’s mostly under construction: He can also be contacted via e-mail at