Little Red Hot: Chane of Fools #1 (of 3)
[Image Comics B&W $2.95 US $4.00 CAN]
Written & Illustrated by Dawn Brown
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Little Red Hot Chane of Fools #1Dawn Brown received a Xeric Foundation grant to do this mini-series. I specifically ordered it through my local shop on the basis of the Xeric grant, the previews and the fact that it was written and illustrated by a woman.

The story revolves around a female assassin named Chane. She is totally amoral and will kill anyone or anything for the right price. The opening page of the comic has Chane describing herself: "I am a hunter...a mercenary...a demon." It turns out the last description is probably very apt because in a weird twist it turns out Chane is married to Satan. Since the story ends up with Chane agreeing (against her husband’s wishes) to help a dying man find God and apologize to him for seducing a Nun many years ago the surreality of her being married to Satan fits.

Dawn Brown’s artwork, painted black and white, is strong but I could have done without the overused talking heads in a television set method of advancing the story.

I’ll get the next couple of issues of this comic but I can’t say that I liked the character of Chane. Of course, how likeable can an assassin/wife of Satan be?

Can’t find this comic locally? Write to Image Comics, 1440 North Harbor Boulevard, #305, Fullerton, CA 92835. Don’t bother going to the Image Comics web site ( because right now it’s nothing more than a list of links to a few studio sites and there’s nothing for Little Red Hot. E-mail Dawn Brown at