Love In Tights #1
[Slave Labor Graphics B&W $2.95 US]
Written by Various & Illustrated by Various

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Love In Tights #1This is the first issue of a quarterly anthology series combining romance and super-heroes in a tongue-in-cheek way. Since I’m a fan of both genres it was a given that I’d be picking up this issue.

In this issue you’ll find contributions from J. Torres, B. Clay Moore, Brian Clopper Takeshi Miyazawa, Cayetano Garza and many others. Mostly short stories here with a few comic strips and all are ably done.

The stand-out story for me was "Crash Course" written and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa. It involves a couple out for a stroll when they’re confronted by some toughs. The boyfriend, Shap, proceeds to faint while Terry ("the cutest, sweetest, kindest girlfriend in the whole wide world...") reveals there’s more to her than meets the eye and she proceeds to pummel the bad guys into pulp.

The Love In Tights Valentine’s Day Special hits stores in February so keep your eyes peeled. If you can’t find either of these fine comics at your local shop you can write to SLG PUBLISHING, 325 S. First St., Suite #301, San Jose, CA 95113 and request a catalog. They’ve also got a toll free number 1-800-866-8929 and a web site for ordering If you’d like to find out more about Love In Tights hit their web site at