The Little Greys #1
[Afraid of the Dark Comics $2.95 US]
Story & Art by Scott Thornton
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The Little Greys #1Cutesy big-eyed aliens (Noel, Scott, Pooh and Sar) go camping on an uncharted planet. They sit around the campfire telling scary stories. It starts to rain so they pitch their tent and go to sleep. Pooh hears a noise outside and discovers a strange hooded guy who gives him a key and tells him to hide it. He then proceeds to turn into a werewolf and chase Pooh. The other guys wake up and discover Pooh is missing. Pooh gets away from the werewolf only to run right into him again at the end of the comic. This is supposed to be the big hook to make you buy issue #2. Unfortunately it didn’t hook me.

I guess if I were into the whole SCHWA alien thing I might be drawn to this comic but I’ve never gotten into all of that big-eyed alien crap. The artwork in The Little Greys wasn’t terrible but he might want to think about getting someone else to ink his pencils. Everything was way too dark and heavy. Some of the inking even looked as if it were done with a felt tip. This also made it difficult to tell the characters apart. Scott was the easiest to pick out because he was always drinking out of a big jug (probably full of something alcoholic) and he has a scar on his head. Overall not a comic I would recommend picking up unless you’re into collecting stuff with depictions of SCHWA aliens.

The Little Greys wasn’t offered through Diamond so chances are you’ll have a tough time finding at your local comic shop. However, if you’re just itching to give it a try you can write to Afraid of the Dark Comics, Route 3, Box 285, Inwood, WV 25428