Last Kiss #2

Writer: John Lustig
Illustrator: Dick Giordano & Various
Colors: B&W
Publisher: Shanda Fantasy Arts $4.99 US

Last Kiss #2Last Kiss #2 page 34; TM & © 2001, John LustigFor those of you who aren’t familiar with the premise behind Last Kiss, John Lustig purchased the artwork and rights to the entire run of Charlton’s First Kiss. Lustig then proceeds to rewrite and rearrange the comics into full-length stories or strips to hilarious results.

This issue is called “The Dick Giordano Issue” and with good reason. Dick Giordano is a veteran of the romance comics field and was a contributor to several stories in the original run of First Kiss. Lustig teams with Giordano to present a totally new story this issue, “Widow Ms. Muffet!” in which a shallow beauty searches for “an old codger with a sick heart and a healthy bank account.”

The rest of the issue also features several Giordano drawn stories reworked by Lustig: “Royal Romance” in which two princesses discover America is not the land of their dreams and “Oh, Darling! You’re Such an Animal!” where a beautiful young woman finds fortune by selling pets and her “services” door to door. And to top off this Giordano fest, Lustig includes an interview with the man himself.

But that’s not all, Last Kiss #2 is 48 pages long and crammed with even more zaniness. Lustig includes a lot of his two and three panel strips, most of which appear first in the Comics Buyer’s Guide. Last issue a contest was run for readers to write their own Last Kiss story and the two winners are included here as well. I found the one by Chuck Hart to be the most giggle inducing in large part due to his incredibly funny potty puns.

The last story and my favorite of the issue “Remember to Forget Me!” (art by the Vince Colletta Studio) presents the tale of a beautiful young woman (again!) who rescues a man in the desert but what are the secrets of his mysterious past...?

I’m sure you’ve guessed that I loved this comic. I grew up buying Charlton Romance comics at the local convenience store and I get a big kick out of seeing them appear again albeit in a much different and far funnier form. If you’re a fan of the romance comics genre or just a fan of humor comics, buy Last Kiss and support this unique title.

Look for this on your local comic shop’s shelves in late September/early Ocotober or if they were silly enough not to order it write to Shanda Fantasy Arts, P.O. Box 545, Greenbrier, AK 72058. You can also visit for more information about this comic.