Last Kiss #1
[Shanda Fantasy Arts $4.99 US B&W]
Written by John Lusting /  Illustrated by Various
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Last Kiss #1Last Kiss came about when writer, John Lustig purchased the rights and artwork to the entire run of a Charlton romance comic called First Kiss that ran for 40 issues from 1957 to 1965. Quite a few well-known artists worked on First Kiss including Dick Giordano and Vince Colletta but for the most part, art credits were not common. Lustig has put his own spin on the romance genre with Last Kiss by putting his own words in the mouths of romance genre protagonists. The result is hilarious.

Last Kiss #1 is a departure for Lustig because he attempts story-length parodies. “Martha Stewtart…Domestic Superhero!” was my favorite of the bunch. In it an inept housewife gains the power of super-domesticity by swimming in an irradiated lake. If you hadn’t already guessed, comic book references play a large part in Lustig’s humor so even if you’re not well versed in the romance genre you’ll definitely get it.

In addition to the stories and cover parodies, Lustig also treats us to a short interview he did with prolific Charlton Comics writer, Joe Gill. As chance would have it Gill wrote almost the entire run of First Kiss. We’re even treated to a complete romance story from First Kiss #3 most likely penned by Gill.

Some of the first comics I read as a kid were Charlton Romance comics so it’s no surprise that I loved Last Kiss #1. I’ve been enjoying Lustig’s Last Kiss strips in the Comics Buyer’s Guide and being treated to 48 pages of his twisted sense of humor was worth the bucks.

You should still be able to find this on your local comic shop’s shelves. If not, write to Shanda Fantasy Arts, P.O. Box 545, Greenbrier, AK 72058 and request a catalog. You can also see a few samples of Last Kiss at