Jonah Hex Shadows West #1, 2 (of 3)
[Vertigo $2.95 US $4.75 CAN]
Written by Joe R. Lansdale / Pencils by Timothy Truman / Inks by Sam Glanzman
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Jonah Hex Shadows West #1I’m a big Jonah Hex fan so it’s no wonder I buy all of these mini-series from Lansdale and Truman and have loved every one. They have taken the character of Jonah Hex to sick and twisted heights and they’ve populated Hex’s West with a whole bunch of equally sick and twisted characters.

In this mini Hex joins up with Buffalo Will’s Wild West Show (not to be confused with Buffalo Bill’s) and meets a motley assortment of entertainers: Long Tom, a midget sharp shooter; Spotted Hand (formerly known as Spotted Balls) the savage "red injun" in the show; Libby Ann Blue, "mean as a snake" female sharp shooter; Shootin’ Bill Smith, a pathetic former bounty hunter who would like to make his reputation by stomping Jonah Hex into the ground; and a Native American Indian woman and her half bear half human baby....

Those of you unfamiliar with Tim Truman’s work might remember him from First’s Grimjack, a comic he co-created with John Ostrander. He is one of the best artists working in comics today and his portrayal of Jonah Hex’s world is spectacular. I find it hard to believe anyone looks twice at Jonah because Truman’s wild West is populated by a host of mean hombres who you know smell just as bad as they look.

If you’re a fan of westerns with a supernatural twist pick up Jonah Hex Shadows West or buy any of the currently in print Hex trade paperbacks. You will not regret it.

Since these are put out by DC Comics you shouldn’t have any trouble ordering them through your local shop. For more information on Shadows West hit the DC Comics web site at You can also visit Joe R. Lansdale’s site at