Jersey Devil #8
[South Jersey Rebellion Productions $1.75 US $2.70 CAN 1.20 UK B&W, Digest-sized]
Written by Tony DiGerolamo / Pencilled by Dom Lagrutta, Jr. / Inked by Donn Smith
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Jersey Devil #8This issue of the Jersey Devil begins in the deep woods of Winslow, New Jersey. J.D. is living there and has allowed a meth lab to set up in his woods as long they "don’t dump the chemicals and if [they] don’t kill any livin’ thing." As tough as J.D. is he seems to be a tad naive about the nature of criminals. The conflict arises when a reporter stumbles across the meth lab and is caught in the act taking pictures. The crooks want to kill him right there but J.D. won’t let them. To cut to the chase, J.D. is double-crossed and he ends up being dumped in a place called the Blue Hole (a water-filled crater most likely created by a meteor strike back in New Jersey’s primordial past). Unfortunately for the crooks the Blue Hole is also home to some nasty extraterrestrial parasites that can animate corpses. What follows is a rollicking zombie tale as various people (living and dead) in the Pines are overcome and possessed by the worms. J.D. and the surviving crooks must stop the afflicted from escaping the Pines and spreading the parasites to he outside world.

Once again, Tony DiGerolamo brings a solid, action-packed tale that’s complete in this issue. Tantalizing hints to the Jersey Devil’s origin are dropped as J.D. discovers that one of the crooks is really an undercover cop who knows J.D.’s brother, Sam, also a cop. The issue closes with the promise of a tale next issue of the future Jersey Devil of 2135 A.D.

The artwork by Dom Lagrutta, Jr. and Donn Smith is solid with just a hint of manga influence. The action flows well from panel to panel and I never had any problems making out details.

Sales of the Jersey Devil have brought about a format change from comic-sized to digest-sized. The story and artwork don’t suffer, however, so please do consider giving this series a shot if you’re a fan of off-beat action comics.

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