Jersey Devil #7
South Jersey Rebellion Productions B&W $2.25 US $3.30 CAN]
Written by Tony Digerolamo / Illustrated by Brendon and Brian Fraim

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Jersey Devil #7Another done-in-one tale but this time on a much grimmer scale. First, a little background. The myth of the Jersey Devil goes back to 1735 when legend has it that a woman, born a 13th child also gave birth to her 13th child. This 13th child is the Jersey Devil, a hideous monster who has been part of New Jersey Myth for over 300 years.

Tony Digerolamo’s comic book has expanded on this myth in that his Jersey Devil (who goes by J.D.) is a loner disillusioned with the world who decides to be a vigilante and get justice for those who don’t have the power to get it for themselves.

In issue seven the story begins in 2046 A.D. at a ceremony in New Jersey Heights commemorating a local hero, Sundance. It turns out, however, that one of the onlookers knows the real story behind Sundance and how he "protected" the Heights. When Akil was a boy, J.D. wandered into the Heights and saved him from being caught in a drug war shoot-out. J.D., packing a lot of firepower, guns down all but one of the gang members and forces Akil to hide him so the police won’t take him in.

The bulk of the issue entitled, "The Great American Shootout" follows J.D. as he shows the denizens of the Heights how to take back their neighborhood by killing all of the bad guys. The fact that the main villain styles himself after the Sundance Kid really hammers home the Western-style justice angle of the story.

All in all, Jersey Devil #7 was an entertaining read especially if you like a lot of action in your comics. I’d like to know more about the character of J.D. but from the press clippings included with this issue, background on our anti-hero is being saved for future issues.

The art in Jersey Devil was as professional as the art in The Travelers. However, with just two artists you don’t get the problem of the changing inking styles. The Fraim brothers do a great job of showing you a very realistic looking crime-ridden neighborhood and the characters are solidly rendered.

Even if you know nothing about the Jersey Devil legend, give this comic a try.

Jersey Devil #8 will be available in February ‘99 but until then back issues are available through South Jersey Rebellion Productions, P.O. Box 439, Stratford, NJ 08084. You can also visit the SJRP web site at