The Jamar Chronicles #1
[Sweat Shop Press $2.00 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Jamar Nicholas
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The Jamar Chronicles #1Our tale unfolds with Jamar, hard-working comic book artist surprised in his home by a strange object crashing through his window. The object turns out to be a welcome mat of all things. But unbeknownst to Jamar when he crosses that mysterious welcome mat he ends up in another dimension. Unfortunately Jamar is oblivious to this fact until he wakes up the next morning and gets a bite to eat at Taco Chime where he meets an odd talking rolled up bit of paper (referred to as a tapestry by other characters in the comic who are looking for it) resembling "that Bill from schoolhouse rock."

As an introductory issue this one was pretty darn good. You get a good feel for the character of Jamar and even though there are still a lot of questions to be answered you still know where the plot is going. I did wish the story had gone a little longer than 16 pages but what was there was ably done.

The artwork has a sketchy/cartoony feel to it. My one complaint would be it’s a little too sketchy at times making some details a little hard to make out. It’s also too bad color isn’t more affordable for the self-publisher because the color cover is quite good and since Jamar Nicholas did all but the editing of this comic I’m assuming he painted it as well. A fully-painted issue of The Jamar Chronicles would be a longshot I know but it gave his artwork a nice depth and I’d love to see more.

If you’re a fan of comics with a science fiction bent that don’t take themselves too seriously then give The Jamar Chronicles a try.

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