Infested #1
[Euclid Press $2.50 US B&W]
Written by Theron L. Gibbons, Art by Scott Cullumber,
Inking and Layout by Joseph Pierce
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Infested #1Okay, right off the bat I noticed that the cover price was $2.50 for this b&w comic but it was kinda thin—16 pages thin as a matter of fact. Yikes!

As for the story, it kind of seemed like they wanted to print more pages but couldn’t afford the expense so they condensed a much larger story into this first issue. Some of the word balloons take up almost an entire panel. Anyway, here’s what I got from the story. There’s this alien guy (looks kind of like an ant) named Mourice who is heading home to the planet Bartrox. Unfortunately his planet has been rendered chemically toxic for the next couple of centuries. Why? I just don’t know. Sooo, our hero heads to Earth on the recommendation of an old friend he meets up with on the way to his home planet.

The last half of the comic introduces the reader to Mourice’s father, Zat the Destroyer who fought in vain to save his home planet. He sends a message to the Galactic Council asking them to avenge Bartrox’s destruction but is told that the only action taken will be cleaning up the radiation and making the planet suitable for colonization. He too sets off for Earth to find his son.

I hope I made this understandable because for a 16 page comic it was kind of confusing. The artwork was just average. The aliens were better rendered than any of the ships or backgrounds. And, man, those huge computer lettered word balloons could be distracting. They’ve got a publishing schedule listed on the front cover that has this comic coming out monthly until May ‘99. I think they’re being a tad overly optimistic.

Infested #1 is published by Euclid Press, P.O. Box 15971, Phoenix, AZ 85060.