Independent Voices #1
[Peregrine Entertainment B&W $1.95 US]
Written by Various / Art by Various
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Independent Voices #1Independent Voices is anthology comic benefitting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and showcasing four indy comics: Books of Lore, Timespell, Finder and Forty Winks.

The Books of Lore preview is written by David Napoliello & Kevin Tucker, with art by Steve Rupp & Aaron McClellan. It’s an action-packed fantasy tale about two dragon hunters called Kid (a mage) and Dav (a fighter). The artwork is good and if fantasy tales are your cup of tea I recommend you seek out this comic.

Timespell is written and pencilled by Rich Hell and inked by Marc Deering. This one didn’t grab me. It opens with two cops shooting the breeze with a bartender. At the end of the preview a mysterious character wanders in and starts jabbering about the end of time to the bartender. The artwork in Timespell isn’t nearly as polished as the artwork in the rest of Independent Voices but I’m sure with more issues under their belts it’ll improve. You can visit their web site at for more information about this series.

Finder, by Carla Speed McNeil, I’m familiar with and have on my regular subscription list. This series is fantastic so rush right out and buy all the issues you can find. The preview gives us a little more background on Brigham the wayward patriarch of the Grosvenor clan. To new readers of Finder this story is probably a tad confusing but Ms. McNeil’s superb storytelling abilities are shown off just the same. Check out the Finder web site at

Forty Winks by Vincent Sneed and John Peters was interesting. It follows the adventures of a girl named Pandora as she dreams. The art was good but I wish the preview had been a little longer on characterization and shorter on action. The creators of Forty Winks can be contacted via e-mail at or write them c/o: Oddjobs Limited, 8207 North Boundary, Balto, MD 21222-3413.

Independent Voices may still be on your local retailer’s shelves but if not write Peregrine Entertainment, P.O. Box 6523, Springfield, VA 22150 to order a copy.