Hero On A Stick #1
[Big Baby Comics $2.95 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Lee Beardall
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Hero On A Stick #1Hero On A Stick introduces us to Bobby, a young man who seems to have just lost his father. He’s now living with his Aunt Regina, a strange old lady who is a few cards short of a deck. On the way to picking up more of his father’s belongings Bobby, contending with a torrential downpour and low visibility, hits something. After he gets out of the car he discovers he hasn’t just hit an animal but an alien. What appears to be the injured alien’s pet (or slave?—he’s sporting a leash and a collar) takes Bobby to the alien ship where he proceeds to open a container, the contents of which splash all over him and really screw him up. Bobby runs out of the ship and is promptly hit by a truck.

The beginning of this issue states that this is the origin issue where we’ll see "the twist of fate that transforms Bobby Pheugo into a hero." Since the last page of the story has Bobby talking with what looks like a muffler shoved through his head I’m guessing the substance in the container has done something very strange to our hero.

I would have liked more story details in issue #1 but hopefully more will be revealed in succeeding issues. The artwork was done in a very sketchy, heavily inked style which made it sometimes difficult to discern details in some of the panels. I ended up having to read some pages twice to make out what exactly was going on.

Hero On A Stick #2 is out as well so if you’re interested in getting this series write to Big Baby Comics, P.O. Box 312, Glendale, CA 91209-0312.