Heart Throbs#1 (of 4)
[Vertigo $2.95 US $4.75 CAN]
Written by Various / Illustrated by Various
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Heart Throbs #1Heart Throbs is a 4-issue mini-series that pays homage to the romance comics of old. Being a fan of romance comics (some of the earliest comics I can remember reading were Charlton romance titles) and Vertigo it didn’t take much prodding for me to add this to my list.

This issue has three stories. The first is an amusing tale about a Princess searching for her handsome Prince written and illustrated by Brian Bolland. The second is another humorous story of a gay man who undergoes a “procedure” to make him heterosexual. And finally Steven Seagle and Tim Sale serve up a creepy yarn about a seriously disturbed, soon-to-be-married surgeon. All are entertaining and I can’t wait to see what romantic hijinks occur in the other three issues.

Run right out and buy this issue today if only for the hilarious Bruce Timm cover.

Heart Throbs should be available at your local comic shop. If not bug ‘em to reorder it for you. DC Comics web site: www.dccomics.com.