Go Girl! #1
[Image Comics $3.50 US $5.60 CAN]
Written by Trina Robbins / Illustrated by Anne Timmons
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Go Girl #1With Go Girl!, Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons have set out to create a ďgirl friendly comic.Ē Weíre introduced to Lindsay, a seemingly typical teen with two not so minor exceptions-her mom used to be a super-hero called Go-Go Girl and Lindsay has inherited her motherís power of flight. The story in Go Girl! introduces us to Lindsay and presents the origin of Go Girl.

Lindsay decides to follow in her momís footsteps when her friend, Haseena, is kidnapped by a nutty old lady who wants to blackmail Haseenaís lawyer father into influencing his client to plead guilty to a crime he didnít commit. The old lady and her nasty son framed the poor man and they want him to go to jail for the murder so they can be off the hook.

Robbins makes sure Lindsay isnít an automatic success, however. Lindsayís heart is in the right place when she tries to rescue Haseena and do some good old-fashioned super heroics but she doesnít have the experience and almost botches the whole thing.

The art suits the tone of the story. The heroines arenít outrageously endowed and the teenage girls look the part. Some of Timmons figures can look a little stiff and awkward but Iím sure with more issues under her belt the art will improve. She illustrates action capably and the panel placement is simple enough that a first-time comic reader shouldnít be too confused.

Go Girl! #1 was cute and is definitely a comic you could give to that adolescent girl in your life. However, Iím not real sure they would come back for more issues after seeing the $3.50 US price tag. This issue had 21 pages of story, 4 pin-ups and 7 ads. I believe Go Girl! was first solicited as a color comic and a colorist is listed in the credits. Orders were low and it was re-solicited as a black and white comic. Unfortunately for us they forgot to lower the price. I canít see many new comic fans being enticed to shell out $3.50 for such a thin comic.

Trina Robbins has a long history in comics and I want to applaud her concern that there arenít more ďgirl friendlyĒ comics out there. But as someone who has been a girl for 34 years now I can safely say Iíve always managed to find comics that I liked. Would I have liked Go Girl! if I had read it back when I was twelve years old? I donít know. Maybe. I did enjoy reading the Archie super-heroes (Pureheart the Powerful, Superteen, Captain Hero, etc.) and it reminded me an awful lot of those.

If you canít find this on your local comic shopís shelves and would like to give it a try, write to Go Girl!, 1982 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. You can also visit the Image Comics web site at www.imagecomics.com.