Get Real Comics #1
[The Tides Center/COLLAGE $1.95 US $2.75 CAN]
Written by Debbie Rogow & Sherri Grasmuck / Art by Charley Parker
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Get Real Comics #1If Archie Andrews and the gang had started out as a comic in the ‘90s without the emphasis on gags Get Real Comics is what that series might have resembled. This all-ages comic consists of vignettes about a group of high school kids and how they deal with well, being a kid in high school in the ‘90s. The full-color artwork is perfectly suited to the stories. The kids look like kids and the cast is ethnically diverse. The light stories and the down-to-earth artwork make for a good addition to the ever-growing list of female friendly comics.

I know issue #2 is out as well so if you’re interested in tracking this series down and can’t find it locally write Get Real Comics, 709 West Mt. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119-3323.